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Database Email Addresses of Companies

Sale of email databases of Italian and Global Companies only

Profiled and updated email lists on an annual, monthly basis and prior to supply following the purchase through our internal update checks.

Hard bounces of email database are 100% warranted through one of the following two options:

a) Reimbursement for all those hard bounce emails returning back to us by sending report files by email
b) Repurchase coupons of equal value

Free personal consultation area of the DB email lists

By registration on the personal free online consultation area it will be possible to consult for free the total number of each email list available and divided by category and by specific area on a continental, national, regional, provincial and municipal base.
Moreover, through a simple request for a quote from the form It is possible to cross these data with two further profile levels as for:
- Annual company turnover
- Number of employees
Once entered your personal area you can decide whether or not to purchase your email databases. There is no purchase obligation.

100 Coupon on a first potential purchase of the database

For those enrolling, they will create their own free personal area and will complete the registration and confirmation procedure correctly, (first by e-mail and then, at the end of their personal area by clicking on the blue shield at the top right), a discount voucher of 100 € on your potential (and never obligatory) first order only and exclusively if performed online and for an order of € 500 minimum.

In addition, once you have access you will have the opportunity to get a response via ticket, email or chat to any request for information.
In fact, inside your personal area you will find both dedicated telephone contacts and a specific email form to request quotes and to ask for specific questions and requests for specific information you might need.

If you are approaching the email marketing for the first time for your small or medium company, it will be useful to know that, always inside your personal dashboard, you can also download many manuals, find many tools and useful data, in addition to a lot of information on how to create and carry out your email communications to make business email marketing at the best.



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